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As the leader of his team, Doug Thompson brings 32 years of experience in Real Estate to the table. For the last 23 years he has been a well-known top Lawyers Title Sales Executive in Orange and Los Angeles County, but there is so much more to Doug. In today’s real estate market, it’s almost unheard of for a sales professional to stay with one company for 23 years. Doug brings that consistency, loyalty and integrity to his clients every day.

He started his career in Real Estate as a Century 21 Agent, where he won numerous sales awards. His 4 years of experience as a real estate sales person helps him understand how it feels to be a real estate professional and how to support is clients at the highest level.

He then made the move to the closing service sector with a successful two year term at Burrow Escrow. Doug was the #1 Sales Executive in his first year, and Affiliate of the Year his 2nd year, for the West Orange County Association of Realtors. That experience provided Doug with lessons on just about every aspect of real estate, financing, creative transaction structuring and 1031 Exchanges. This experience continues to help him on a daily basis with his client’s transactions now.

Doug then moved to California Counties Title, a small Family owned title-company, which was a great place to learn the title industry.

He was awarded rookie of the year He used his first opportunity to work in the title industry to learn the business from “search” to “closing” and to continue working on his personal dedication to high quality standards and outstanding customer relationships.

During that time he worked with various committees, at RIAOC (Real Investment of Orange County), including membership and the Gold Sheet Publication.

Today, Doug brings this wealth of knowledge, insight, and experience to support his clients and lead his team of uniquely qualified and experienced associates carrying the Lawyers Title Brand. He is uber-qualified to assist you with any transaction and will remain part of your support network as long as you need him.

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